Geeta Basra away from Bollywood for 5 years: Why did Geeta Basra get away from acting world after her marriage to Harbhajan Singh?



Bollywood actress Geeta Basra is pregnant these days and will give birth to her second child by July. Geeta has spoken on the break from her acting career. She has told in an interview why she got away from films after marrying cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Geeta said, ‘My mother was a working mother and she handled the whole family very well. Everything I have today is because of them. I take inspiration from them and believe that women should not suppress any of their passions. ‘

Geeta further said, ‘Being a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings. I enjoy every moment spent with my daughter Hinaya. It is a very personal choice that I do not want to work. I enjoy Motherhood a lot and am happy at every stage. I did not want to miss all the beautiful moments of my baby like her first walk, her first laugh and her first word. I know that Motherhood does not just recognize you, but it is a personal choice. I used to enjoy acting before and now when I am ready again, I will come back to work again. ‘

Acting career started in 2006

Geeta Basra’s acting career began in 2006 with the film ‘Dil Diya Hai’. She did not get much success in Bollywood. He only had 7 films between 2006 and 2016. One of which was Punjabi. His last Bollywood film was 2015’s ‘Second Hand Husband’ which was a flop.

Married in 2015

October after long dating by Geeta and Harbhajan. Married in 2015. Couple on 29 October. Married on 2015. July. In 2016, Geeta gave birth to daughter Hinaya in London. Geeta’s family of Indian origin lives in London.

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