This TV actress wanted to commit suicide at the time of pregnancy, revealed herself




Actress Soumya Seth, known as Navya in the small screen, disappeared completely after gaining fame in the industry. TV’s Navya had created a different world after marrying. After marriage, she had called the entertainment world Baa-Bae. Recently, there is a disclosure related to her life in Saumya Seth. She told that while she was pregnant, she used to think of suicide. She also told that at that time Which way did they cope.

During an interview recently, he told that when I was pregnant, I used to think that I should end my life. However, my parents pulled me out of this dangerous situation. It was only after the parents moved to Virginia that she could manage herself. She told or was about the time when she was pregnant with her first son Ayden. She also told in the interview that I was married in 2017 and was pregnant until my parents came to Virginia and I was figuring out how to get suicide. Plans were being made to suicidate continuously.

Did not eat for several days

So I said that I remember that time very well when I was not able to identify myself by standing in front of mine, there were a lot of bruises on my body. I was very much mentally disturbed, I was not able to dare so much that I could see myself in the mirror. Whenever I looked at myself, I was so irritable from inside. It seemed that I should end my life.

In the interview, Saumya told that when I was going through this bad phase, my son was my only support. He said when I was pregnant, I appealed that if I die, who will handle my child, who will tell him how much his mother loves him. He will have to live without a mother for life. I was not worried about my life at all, but in the period I was going through, to end my life meant to harm my child and I could not do it, so my son Ayden saved my life.

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Divorce from husband

Let me tell you, at the moment, Soumya Seth is in the US. She took a divorce from her husband in 2019. She now shares joint custody of the son with her first husband. Shouting in the sun jungles on a date in the sunlight, playing with our tops and going to the bird house but financially like we are at home, son Daen and his friends like painting cycling and singing songs.

It is reported that Somerset got married to Arun Kumar in 2015, after 4 years of marriage, she divorced her husband in 2019.Both relationship was broken. Saumya is still very much in love with acting but in US, Virginia. Saumya, living with son, is working as a tell-all real estate agent in the US.


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