Clove is beneficial for health, use it



Clove is beneficial for health, it has proved useful in many diseases. Therefore, you should use cloves everyday. By the way, cloves are used in India’s kitchens. Many of these health secrets are hidden. Many health problems can be relieved by eating cardamom, cumin, coriander and cloves. Let us tell you about the benefits of clove, which is a panacea for diseases like colds, coughs and colds.

—The digest process will be fine: Consuming cloves improves digestion.

—Relating hunger: If you are troubled by stomach problems and feeling hungry, then take cloves.

—Good will be fine: Chewing cloves is beneficial when there is a sore in the mouth.

—Relief in cold: In the case of cold and cold, drinking 1-2 cloves in 1 glass of water provides relief.

—Right pain will be fine: Use clove oil in case of throat swelling and neck pain. This will give comfort.

—The smell of the mouth will disappear: Fry the cloves on the griddle until they are light brown. This will cause the bad odor of the mouth to disappear.

—The pain of the teeth will go away: If you have a toothache, grind 2 cloves in lemon juice and apply it on the affected tooth. This will relieve toothache.

—Pet problem will be fine: If you are troubled due to gas problems in the stomach, then for this, put 2 cloves in a cup of boiling water. Drink when it cools down.

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