Drink these juices and get relief from cold and cold



It is common to have colds and colds, so remedies should be taken soon if colds and colds occur. In cold weather, along with colds, many more problems have to be faced. Such as – mucus, headache and body ache etc. To get relief from these, we give some home remedies, which you can try and get relief from cold and cold.

necessary ingredients
A small piece of ginger
Four garlic buds
Small pineapple
a carrot

How to make juice
First of all peel the ginger and chop it finely. Now finely chop garlic. After that cut the pineapple also into small pieces. Now peel the carrot and cut it into small pieces too. Put all these mixture in the grinder and grind it well. Your juice is ready. Now drink it and get relief from cold and cold immediately.

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