Eat basil leaves like this to stop the runny nose


Whether it is cold or summer cold can occur. Sometimes the nose starts flowing excessively. Due to which we have to face troubles. If children have a problem of running nose due to the changing weather, then the intake of Tulsi provides relief. Let us know how to stop the runny nose from the basil leaves…
Almonds, black pepper and basil: Grind ten leaves of basil, five black pepper and four almonds and take half a glass of water with one teaspoon of honey, it cures heart diseases.
Basil leaves: Applying the juice of basil leaves like kajal in the eyes makes the eyes light up.

Good and Tulsi leaves: Mixing a little jaggery with basil leaves and eating twice a day stops the runny nose.
Two basil leaves: Children should be fed 2 leaves of basil before breakfast in the morning and before sleeping at night.
Milk and Basil leaves: Boiling one or two leaves of basil in baby milk does not cause cold.
Honey, Basil and Ginger: Mixing honey, basil and a little ginger, and drinking thick, relieves phlegm and cold.
Black Pepper and Basil: Boil ten basil leaves and 5 black peppers mixed with water and drink it to relieve fever.

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