Eyes are very sensitive, follow these special tips to remove their makeup


These days, the trend of make-up is quite overshadowed. Whatever party or event girls like to give a bold look to the eyes. Kajal, Eye Liner, Mascara uses a variety of products to make the eyes look beautiful. Eye make-up keeps people’s eyes on your beautiful eyes. But do you know that eye makeup is the right way to remove …..

– Eyes are very sensitive. Therefore makeup remover should be used instead of clothes or water. For this, remove eye makeup from makeup remover with the help of cotton.

Fragrance can use free essential oil to remove eye make-up. You can use coconut oil, olive oil to remove eye makeup. This oil is beneficial for your skin. You can use it for all skin types.

– If you use contact lenses, remove the contact after removing makeup. Otherwise your eyes can be damaged. Apart from this, lenses can also be defective. Keep in mind that if you are applying lenses, do not use oil based makeup on the eyes.

– Many people use Vaseline to remove makeup and lipstick. If you do this too, keep in mind that applying petroleum jelly can cause irritation and acne problems. So do not use Vaseline to remove eye makeup.

– Many times sweat is omitted to remove waterproof makeup. For this, you can use baby shampoo. You can use this idea to remove eyeliner and mascara. But for this you should not put a lens.


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