Fig is a panacea to get rid of pimples, know its other benefits


Figs contain nutritious elements with many minerals such as vitamins A, B, calcium and iron. Anjir is very beneficial for health. It also completely controls blood sugar. Apart from this, figs are like panacea in anemia, cold, back pain etc. Let us know what are the benefits of fig from health.

To give glow to the face and to get rid of the pimples on it, grind fresh figs and apply it on the face and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash the face with clean water.

Figs contain a lot of calcium, which helps to strengthen bones, which makes a person strong.

The use of figs relieves fatigue, as well as keeps the brain sharp.

How to protect your arms and legs from numbness

Boil dried fig with water and apply it on the throat and apply on the throat, it cures swelling of the throat.

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