Find the perfect shape in this way, know tips



Nowadays everyone wanted to get the perfect shape, especially after the pregnancy of the women there is a lot of change in their figure. Breast feeding significantly reduces breasts.

Due to which every girl is disturbed inside. In today’s time, everyone wants to look perfect. On the other hand, the growth of breast of some girls is not so much, which hinders their perfect figure.

If you are also troubled by the same problem then do not be disturbed. Let us tell you a recipe that will soon get your desired breast shape.

necessary ingredients
5 grams of alum
2 grams camphor
50 gms. Rye
30 grams. Gaj Peepli

Make medicine like this and apply this way
First of all, mix alum, camphor, rye and gaj pipli with some water and mash them well. Keep adding water slowly so that it becomes a thick paste. Now it is ready to be applied.

After bathing in the morning, apply this paste on the breast with a light hand massage. When you massage with it, always do it in rounding. Rub this paste until it goes inside the skin. By doing this, the breast will be miraculously tight within a week to three months.

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