Follow these steps to protect your soft skin from the hot sun in summer


Coconut oil, jojoba oil and drinking plenty of water can definitely protect the skin from scorching sunlight. Aakriti Kochhar, beauty and makeup expert from Oriflame (India), founder of Beauty Source, has given these tremendous suggestions to protect the skin from the effects of harmful rays:

Apply SPF-30 sunscreen cream, especially when you are in the coastal areas and underwater, as there is more irritation and too much heat under the water, your skin can get scorched in the sun even during a sea walk, so sunscreen cream Must be installed

Apply coconut oil on the skin of the open body after being in the sun, so that the skin does not get scorched.
Use pure oil of cod fish containing vitamin D. It will also develop strong immunity against sunburn.

Drink plenty of water to retain moisture inside the skin. In summer, drink seven to eight liters of water. Moisturized skin is much less likely to get scorched by the sun’s rays.

Wear clothes that cover most of your body. Wear long sleeved shirts and pants.

Jojoba oil acts as a protective shield against sunburn and is also helpful in healing sunburned skin. This oil is rich in vitamin E and B complex and softens the dry and scorched skin.

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