Guava is very beneficial, it cures this disease


Guava is a fruit that has its benefits. Knowing this, how many diseases can be treated easily by sitting at home. People also plant trees in their homes. It is also easily found at shops in the market. So let’s know about its benefits… ..

Cancer prevention – Consumption of guava causes cancer cells to die. Eating guava can prevent breast cancer, skin cancer and even lung cancer.

Eliminates wrinkles – One should eat guava daily to prevent wrinkles on the skin. The antioxidants and vitamin A in it brings glow to the skin.

Get rid of the problem of dark circles – Grind the leaves of guava and make a paste and apply it under the eyes to reduce dark circles and swelling.

Source of Vitamin C – Vitamin C is found in guava. Eating guava twice a day removes vitamin C deficiency, which increases immunity.

Stomach worms – If the children have worms in their stomach, then the consumption of guava is very beneficial.

Calcim – Calcium is found in abundance in guava. Eating this daily strengthens bones.

Eliminate allergies – The juice of guava leaves can relieve any kind of allergies. It kills the virus causing allergies.

Helpful in curing stomach – Its effect is cold, it is a boon for many stomach ailments like indigestion, gas etc.

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