If you are also married, then you will definitely wear the bed, these are wonderful benefits!


In our society, only married women wear nettle on their toes. It is generally considered to be part of the decoration of the honeycomb, which is worn in the middle 3 fingers of the feet. If you are also married and want to know why you are wearing a bed, then this information is for you.

1. Wearing the nettle in both the legs makes the hormonal system of women function properly.

2. Wearing nettle reduces the chances of thyroid.

3. Bichhiya works on the acupressure treatment method, which keeps the nervous system and muscles of the lower limbs of the body strong.

4. The nettle makes pressure on a particular vein that carries proper blood circulation in the uterus. In this way, the nettle keeps the conception capacity of women healthy.

5. The size of fish is considered to be the most effective. The shape of the fish means rounded in the middle and some notched back and forth c.

6. Always wear a silver net in the legs. Gold beds can cause disease by disturbing the balance of physical heat.


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