If you are fond of perfume, read this news first


Whenever we go out at office, party, gym or anywhere, we do not forget to put perfume. The fragrance of perfume is definitely pleasing to the mind, but do you know that applying more perfume can prove to be harmful for our health. It damages both your health and body. Let’s know how perfume and deo can prove to be dangerous for our body-

Deodorant or perfume contains harmful chemicals and if used regularly, irritates the skin and can be damaged. This can cause itching in the skin and damage it. There is also a fear of allergic reactions with the use of perfumes.

Alcohol in most perfumes absorbs the moisture of the skin, which can lead to a variety of health problems. Sometimes the neurotoxin present in these acts to affect your central nervous system.

Some of the chemicals present in them can spoil your health and cause imbalances in hormones. This can cause you to face many serious illnesses.

Surprising to know you, but the chemical present in the deodorant can also make you an Alzheimer’s sufferer. Apart from this, these chemicals are helpful in causing respiratory problems. They can also damage the fibers of your nose due to the extremely strong smell. So it should not be used excessively

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