Lipstick on the lips gives beauty, know the right way to apply it


Lipstick is considered to be the cheapest and easiest way to enhance facial beauty. Although its use is also very simple, but still women make many mistakes. In fact, every aspect has to be carefully examined for its correct use. How to take proper care of your lips and how to apply lipstick in the right way, let’s learn …..

– It is a common belief that women applying lipstick have more efficiency and confidence. Although lipstick is the earliest used in cosmetics, the method of applying lipstick has a wide impact on beauty. Using the right shade of lipstick gives your beauty four-moons. It can accelerate facial hypnosis and brings positive improvement in personality.

– The skin layer of our lips is considered the thinnest. It does not contain oily glands, due to which the lips cannot retain moisture, which is considered to be the main reason for chapped lips. To keep the lips moist, use a scrub, lipwas, which will keep your lips soft.

Baby can also use a toothbrush to remove the upper layer of the lips. By removing the outer skin of lips gently, it prevents them from breaking and does not become dry. The use of lipstick on cracked and dry lips becomes difficult. Removing the outer layer of the skin of the lips removes dead cells, making the lips soft.

Every day before bed, remove lipstick from the lips with the help of cleansing gels and massage the lips with lipbom, pure almond oil or almond cream and leave them uncovered in the lips overnight.

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-Selecting the right color lipstick is important. Before buying any lipstick, identify it by applying it on your hands. Do not compromise on its quality when purchasing lipstick. Do check expiry date.

-If the lipstick has become much smoother, it means that the oil has dried out of it. Stop using it immediately. Photo-sensitive reaction of lipstick causes itching, itching, or discoloration in the skin. Many times the perfume used in it also causes itching or allergy on the lips, due to which the lips become dry. If the lips are dry, stop using lipstick, otherwise dryness will increase on them.

-The lipstick should first be applied between the lips and after that it should be rotated in both the corners with a slant. Most women apply lipstick on their teeth while applying lipstick, which should be avoided. SPF in most lipsticks Exists, which protects the lips from the rays of the sun. The lip pencil of lipstick shade should be used to fix the lips.

Light and natural colors should be used for attractiveness of lips. Applying too dark or bright colors should be avoided. When choosing a lipstick tone, keep in mind your skin tone. If your skin has a yellowish tinge, avoid orange colored lipstick.

-Avoid yellow lipstick in dark skin. If you are going to an attractive party like wedding, birthday, then use bright and emotional colors. In summer, light colors may be better for normal skin, but bright shades will be better for dark shades. You can also use dark yellow colors in summer. Do not forget to remove lipstick from the lips at night. The remaining lipstick color can dry the lips.

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