Mole on the body opens the deep secrets of your life, understand how?


Everyone’s face, color and appearance are different from others. In this case, sesame seeds are also present on the body. But the mole lying in some special place enhances beauty and tells about the present and the future. Yes, according to oceanography, so let us tell you the meaning of these sesame seeds…

Mole between the forehead

The mole right in the middle of the forehead is called the symbol of happiness and prosperity. All the desires of such girls are fulfilled quickly. They believe only by achieving what they think they want to achieve.

mole on neck

Many girls have black and brown mole or scar on their neck. Such girls always like to live life comfortably. Seven, they have to face very few troubles in life. In such a situation, these girls live life with laughter and joy.

Mole on right leg

Girls with mole on the right foot are the owners of sharp brains. In such a situation, it gets success soon in life. It easily understands everything and situation and solves it. Also, these girls are more likely to roam abroad.

Mole on the left leg

Girls who have a mole on their left leg are very expensive. It matters more to its fanatic than necessary. In such a situation, once these girls like what they like, they do not even see money. According to oceanography, they need to make some changes in their nature.

Mole on the side

If we talk about sesame on the right side, then such girls are very cultured. It quickly impresses the person with his words and happy nature. In such a situation, everyone likes them and wishes to be their friend. At the same time, women with sesame on their left side get child happiness. Also, it leads a life of happiness and happiness.

Mole on the ear

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Girls with mole on the ears are very sharp minded and active. But they always need to take special care of themselves to stay healthy.

mole on nose

Girls with mole on their nose enjoy roaming in different places. In such a situation, their life goes on rotating.



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