Should not be done immediately after having a meal



Eating is good for health. If you eat at the right time, then it has many health benefits. But if food is eaten at the wrong time, it can be harmful. Let us know what not to do after having food.

-Smoking : According to a research, smoking cigarettes after meals causes great harm to health. One cigarette is as harmful as 10 cigarettes. This increases the risk of being canker.

– Fruit: Let me tell you that eating fruit after eating food fills the stomach. Due to which fruits give disadvantages instead of giving benefits, so eat fruits 1-2 hours before or after eating food.

– Tea : Drinking tea soon after meals hardens the protein present in the food. Due to which it is not easily digested.

– Bath: Bathing after eating causes a rapid increase in blood flow in the arms and legs, which reduces the amount of blood in the rest of the body. Which makes the digestive system weak.
-Do not sleep: Do not sleep on your own to easily digest food. This can cause stomach gas problems.

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