Should not drink too much green tea, harmful to health



By the way, green tea is very beneficial for health. But if consumed in large quantities, it can prove to be harmful. Many people consume it to reduce weight.

It is said that taking too much of anything is harmful to health. Drinking green tea in such high quantity causes many health problems. Let us tell you today what are the disadvantages of drinking more green tea.

-Steak shortness: Taking green tea in large amounts reduces appetite. Due to loss of appetite, you are not able to take a complete diet, due to which the body does not get nutritious elements.

– Harmful to children: Green tea is harmful for children. It affects their growing age. This causes great harm to their health.

Harmful to pregnant women: Excessive intake of green tea in pregnancy can be harmful. This causes harm to the child. This reduces the weight of the child.

iron deficiency : Drinking more of green tea causes iron deficiency in the body. The tannin present in it causes iron deficiency in the body.

-Thickness: If you are used to drinking it more then it can prove to be harmful for your health. In such a situation, when you do not drink green tea, you will feel tired.

– acidity : Many people consume it empty stomach in the morning, causing acidity. It is better to drink fennel mixed with lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

-digestion process : In the process of losing weight, people drink green tea immediately after eating food. By doing this, digestion is affected.

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