The fruit of the vine is very useful, relieves many diseases.


Bell is very beneficial for our health, if we use it, we can get rid of many diseases. The anus inside it is soft and seeded, which is very useful.

The fruit of the vine remains well for a long time even after it is broken from the tree, this fruit is used for making many types of medicines and for making many types of healthy food in food.

– In the summer there are often complaints of body irritation. For this, break the kernel of raw vine and put it in sesame oil and keep it for 2-3 days. Now massage the body with this, by doing this you will get coolness. It is also a better source of thiamine, riboflavin and beta-carotene. All these elements help in curing liver problems.

-If you drink some quantity of lukewarm water mixed with lukewarm water, then it clears the blood. Add a small amount of honey to it. This drink should be drunk regularly everyday.

– If you use vine leaves, then it helps in reducing high blood pressure. For this, boil the leaves in water and filter it and drink water.

By doing this, the blood pressure will be normal. If an asthma attack occurs or the heartbeat becomes abnormal, drinking a decoction of the root of the vine provides relief.

If you are troubled by stomach diseases, then you should consume vine. It gets rid of stomach diseases. In addition, it also cleans the intestines. If constipation, indigestion, peptic ulcer etc. should be consumed.

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To avoid heatstroke, mash the ripe vine pulp by hand. Sieve it by mixing it in water, if you want, you can also add sugar to it. Drinking it will not cause heatstroke.


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