The hobby of eating cucumber does not make you ill


By the way, eating cucumber is considered very good for health. Especially those who do dieting, they consume ten to twelve pudding in a day. If you do the same then be careful. You may not be aware, but consuming it excessively can also be like poison. So let’s know about the disadvantages of eating excessive cucumber –

It is not considered appropriate to eat cucumbers at night. Eating cucumber in the morning is most beneficial for the body, it has the usual benefits of being consumed during the day, while its consumption at night is harmful and painful.

At the same time, a toxic compound called cucurbitins is found in cucumbers. The more cucumber you eat, the more this toxic will go into your body. This can cause inflammation in many other organs of the body, including your liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and kidney. Therefore, consume it only in balanced quantities.

Cucumber is cold by nature, so people consume it more in summer. But if you are suffering from phlegm, cold or any respiratory disease, then avoid eating it in the night time and pay attention to the amount of food too.

If you consume a lot of cucumbers, then you feel full. Cucumber is a good source of fiber, but overeating can cause constipation and may also cause pain.

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