This is how men take care of their skin in summer


In summer, skin care has to be done a lot more. In the summer season, many problems such as sunburn, tanning, dust, dirt and pollution have to be faced. These problems occur not only to women but also to men. Men are also prone to skin problems. They also need to take care of their skin to avoid all this. Let us tell you how men can take care of their skin during this summer season?


Wash your face with a face wash before leaving home and after coming back home. Try to have your face wash with charcoal, as it will help remove the dirt and dust on your face, which will open the pores of the skin. Along with this, use a charcoal scrub on your face once a week. If you keep a beard, then keep it clean as well. Also, keep moisturizing with things like aloe vera and coconut oil, so that itching and infection do not occur due to sweat.

Body wash

In the summer season, you should use a bodywash that can keep the pH level of your skin right. For this, if you use a bodywash containing lemon, it will be beneficial for you. If you use a normal bath soap, you can also use one lemon juice mixed with two mugs of water in the last round of bathing. This will also relieve the smell of sweat.

sunscreen lotion

Before leaving home, use sunscreen lotion and use sunscreen lotion on your face only. Apart from this, you should also use it on the open parts of your arms and legs. This will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This will protect the skin of face and hands and feet from problems like sunburn and tanning and there will be no risk of skin damage.


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Skin needs moisturizer not only in winter but also in summer. Even in summer, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, which is very important to moisturize. Therefore, moisturizer must be used everyday before sleeping at night, so that the skin remains moist.



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