Use these things to get glowing skin in a natural way


In modern times everyone wants to look beautiful. For this, people do many types of jatan. Facials are done and beauty creams are applied. Although all these things add beauty, but after a few days, the face starts to look lifeless again. At the same time, the side effects of these things also appear on the faces of many people. However, many people do not get success according to their mind. In such a situation, skin care should always be done in a natural way. If your skin is also lifeless and you want to have glowing skin, then you can use these natural and home made things. They can add beauty to your beauty. Let’s know …

Use nutmeg

According to skin experts, nutmeg can play an important role in enhancing beauty. Nutmeg has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda. It has many medicinal properties which are beneficial for both health and beauty. For the beauty of the skin, grind nutmeg and make a paste by mixing raw milk in it. Now apply this paste on your face. While doing face massage with light hands. Its use soon improves the lifeless skin.

Use green tea bags

Green tea is beneficial for both health and beauty. Its intake causes weight loss. While it is beneficial in many other diseases as well. Also, green tea is an effective remedy for skin beauty. For this, boil green tea bags in water. When the tea bag cools down, then add brown sugar and cream to it and make a paste. Now apply it on your face and massage it with light hands. After 10 minutes wash your face with clean water. If you want, you can do this remedy twice a week.

Olive oil and honey

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Olive oil is a boon for beauty. You can use it for glowing skin. For this, mix lemon juice, olive oil and honey thoroughly and apply it on your face. Now massage face with your light hands in Zero Shape. You can also use gram flour, honey and olive oil if you want. This can add extra beauty to your beauty.



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