Which lipstick color is best for you, choose the perfect color according to the skin


It often happens to women that whenever they go to buy lipstick in the market, they get confused by seeing lots of shades. All the shades are seen more than one and it is not understood which shed will be perfect for itself. In this confusion, many times women buy any shed from style, but after applying that shade on the lips, the face looks dull or complexion looks dark.

This is due to lack of knowledge of one’s own skin tone. It is not necessary that every color of lipstick suits everyone. For this, it is important to pay attention to skin complexion as well. Here’s how to choose the perfect lipstick according to your skin tone ….

Fair complexion

If your color is very clear, then a lot of lipstick shades can be useful for you. Light Pink, Wine Red, Light Purple, Coral, Peach, Nude Pink and Cherry Red color suits women with fair complexion. But they should avoid shades of dark pink, blood red and too much shimmer or glossy look.

Wheatish color

If your color is wheatish, that is, neither dark nor very fair, then you should avoid nude shades because it can fade the complexion of your face. Shades of brown color are perfect on such women. Apart from this, you can also choose Dark Pink, Blood Red, Brose, Ripe Orange, Cinnamon Color. But avoid the color of maroon, orange and dark coffee.

Dark and dark

If your color is dark, then you should try Brick Red, Brownish Red and Caramel Color, Coffee and Burgundy Color of lipstick. But choose shades of matte lipstick, not glossy. Glossy colors make your complexion look darker. On the other hand, if your color is more dark, then you can choose brown, red, purple color for yourself. Apart from this, one can also choose pastel shades like Light Purple, Light Light Pink, Lavender and Ivory Colors.

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