While taking bath first put water on this part of the body, you will get many benefits!


Bathing daily makes the body feel very fresh. Bathing not only removes the bacteria of the body, but also makes the person feel refreshing. Bathing has been described as very important in Ayurveda. Taking a bath increases the energy of the body and cures laziness. Even after bathing many times you do not feel fresh and laziness comes. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you a way that you will feel good by adopting it.

First of all, add water to this part of the body

Most people first pour water on the head while taking a bath. Doing so can damage the nerves of the brain. Therefore, while bathing, first of all pour water on the feet. By doing this you get to know the temperature of the water. Apart from this, if you are struggling with stress, then tilt your head and first put water on the back of the neck. After this, pour water on the whole body. By doing this, stress and pain are relieved.

Take a shower at this time of day

Most people take a bath at any time of the day. If you also do something similar then tell you that you should never bathe after eating food or having breakfast. According to Ayurveda, body heat or digestive fire is digested. It is affected by taking a bath and the food is not able to be digested.


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